Welcome to NGE Center

An NGE (Next Generation Enterprise) employs innovative business models (e.g., increased partnerships and outsourcing through cloud) and relies on the emerging “next generation” of digital technologies" (e.g., Machine Learning, Next Generation Networks, Next Generation Web, Next Generation Databases, Next Generation Software Infrastructure, etc.). Examples of NGEs include Industry4.0, Digital Health, Digital Agriculture, Smart Cities and Communities, Blue Economies, Smart Supply Chains, and many other emerging enterprise models that fully exploit digital innovations.

The NGE Center, located at the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology (HU), has been formed by the faculty of ISEM (Information Systems Engineering and Management) Program. Our purpose is to invite students, faculty, staff and external stakeholders to participate in the research, education, training, publications and computer aided planning, engineering and management activities centered around the next generation of digital enterprises (please see the graphic). Here is a short list of our current areas of work:

For additional information please contact Dr. Amjad Umar